Time To Crack Some Heads, Democrats

Losing the PR war to the GOP is pathetic. We deserve better.

Elizabeth Grey


Image courtesy of shutterstock.com

My husband and I are walking down a street in Yonkers, New York, where we live. We see a huge pickup truck that is parked with its nose facing the sidewalk.

Inside, there is a hand-written note visible through the windshield:

Keep walking, because I’ve got a video camera on and if I recognize the person who broke into my truck last week I am going to crack your head open!

I love Yonkers.

Although posted months ago, the note is still up. When we walk by now we refer to the house as,

One Crack-Your-Head Plaza.

I was raised in Virginia, where all criticism is delivered in coded language. There are few things worse than being rude in the south. Perhaps murder. That’s all that comes to mind.

In New York people say what they mean.

It is time to channel my inner Yonkers, because lemme tell ya what: I have had it with polite, cautious Democrats. Democratic leadership refuses to bring a knife to a knife fight, and I don’t want to be killed on their watch.

Perhaps I don’t understand Washington. I always figure politicians pay attention to their constituents and the temperature of the room.

I know of no one in the Democratic party, not one single voter in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Washington State or Washington D.C., who is happy with how Democratic leadership handles the GOP.

You want to know what the temperature of the room is? It’s pissed off. When we hear some jackass like Tucker Carlson say the phrase left-wing mobs, we think,

If only. My kingdom for a left-wing mob. Perhaps we could join every other developed nation and get universal healthcare.

What we’ve got instead is a bunch of Democrats who still seem afraid of offending Independent voters. It makes no sense.

Here’s a newsflash for Democrats in office: Independents are not the Democratic base.

The Democratic base is full of Black Americans who consistently save this party with far too…